Calabar High School

"The Utmost for the Highest"

COBA affirms strategic direction of Calabar

Much has been said in the media in recent times about Calabar High School as an academic institution, as well as the School’s efforts to improve their academic standards.   It is without doubt that Calabar is not at a place in the academic arena of secondary level schools that the old boys are comfortable with.  As old boys we are frequently reminded of the primary role of the Calabar Old Boys’ Association (COBA): which is to facilitate the growth of the School and to encourage improvements in academics in general, extra-curricular activities, the School’s physical infrastructure as well as internal policies, procedures and guidelines.  

For the past five years COBA has been front and centre in advocating for, making recommendations to the School’s Board, and assisting with implementing several initiatives and interventions, that will see us achieving our ultimate objective of having more than 85% of our students graduate at an ‘employable’ level.

These initiatives and interventions are deliberate and impact directly on not only the students, but on the teachers, parents and the management team headed by the Principal and the Board.  Initiatives include a structured mentorship programme; extra classes in several subjects, offered free of charge; a research and document centre wherein students may conduct research, obtain guidance on their assignments and SBAs, and print their papers; direct interaction with teachers and students through participation in sub-committees that guide the progress of several extra-curricular activities; assistance for students in need of financial support; and representation on the Board to recommend measured geared at continuous improvement in the School’s governance structure and delivery of its mandate.  Notably, several new initiatives will be coming on stream in the coming School year.

As an academic institution, the words of Tim Fargo oftentimes ring loud in our minds: “Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today”.  We must encourage and support an environment that is conducive to learning and in instilling our core values of Reverence for God, School Pride, Accountability, Integrity, Discipline, Respect and Professionalism, into our present students.  To do this, we shall continue to recommend measures that are likely to bring the success that we desire.

Change is not always readily accepted, change is often times misunderstood, but the results of change are recognizable and are measurable.  The Summer 2018 CSEC rankings publication of Educate Jamaica stated that Calabar uHigh had recently made major investments in seven key areas which by 2020, will see us being among the top two all boys schools.  Time will tell!  The outcomes of these investments will be seen in the near future, and we are certain that the Calabar family will be proud of our graduates in the years to come.  COBA remains strident in its efforts in increasing the performance standards of our students and our teachers; and in ensuring that every boy that comes to Calabar strives for “The Utmost for the Highest”.


David Miller

President, COBA

September 4, 2018