Calabar High School

"The Utmost for the Highest"

Noteworthy Calabar Alumni

Like an ancient river flowing from the mountain to the sea, so they followed, coming and going, to the wider life to be. On their course from the source, to the wider life to be. Forth they went from boyhood’s rule; sworn to be renowned and famous, for the honor of the school. The following list represents the prestigious legacy of the Calabar High School and boasts a number of prominent members of Jamaican society. The list is by no means exhaustive.


  • The Hon. Sir Phillip Sherlock KBE, OM, OCC
  • Prof. Norman Girvan former Secretary General of the Association of Caribbean States
  • Prof. Keith Ellis Professor Emeritus, Department of Spanish & Portuguese(Retired)/Author, University of Toronto, Ontario Canada
  • Dr. Clive Forrester Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics, York University, Toronto, Ontario Canada
  • Dr. Edward I. Morris MD, Washington D.C., USA Board Certified 1996 Internal Medicine & 2009 Cardiovascular Disease 2009
  • Dr. Donald C. Phillibert MD New York Board Certified, USA
  • Dr. Dennis Hugh George Forrester MD Toronto, Ontario Canada
  • Dr. Roland Christopher JungMD Nova Scotia Canada
  • Richard George Henriquez one of Canada's most imaginative architects work was celebrated in 1994 at the Canadian Centre for Architecture
  • Prof. John-Paul Clarke Professor of Aeronautics at the Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Prof. The Honourable Errol Miller , OJ, CD. Educator, Researcher
  • Dr. Horace Russell C.D Emeritus Professor of Historical Theology, Palmer Seminary eastern University, Pennsylvania, USA.

Arts and Culture

  • Carl Abrahams Painter
  • John Holt Musician
  • Arnold Bertram Historian, Politician
  • Damion "Baby Cham" Beckett DJ, Musician
  • Roger Mais Writer
  • Wilmot Perkins Talk show host
  • Dennis Rushton Music
  • Patrick Anderson Sports Caster, producer
  • Dervan Malcom Communications Specialist
  • Christopher Tapper Performing Arts
  • Carey Robinson Journalist
  • Kevin Blaire Musician (Voice mail)
  • Xavier "Flexx” Davidson" Musician (TOK)
  • Damion "D Major" Codlin Journalist

Business/Finance and Science/Medicine

  • Paul Geddes co-founder of the Red Stripe beer brand
  • Claude Robinson former general manager, Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation
  • Ewart Walters editor The Spectrum, author
  • The Hon Dr. Henry Lowe OJ Biochemist and Entreprenuer
  • Dr. Hakan Charles Harris Medicine
  • Dr. Ricard "Rique" Ford Engineer
  • Everton McDonald Accountant
  • Dr. Vincent "Vin" Lawrence Engineer

Politics, Law and Religion

  • Percival James Patterson former Prime Minister of Jamaica
  • Derrick Smith Minister of Mining and Technology
  • Sir Lascelles Leslie Robotham Chief justice, O.E.C.S
  • John Junor former Minister of Health
  • Francis Forbes former Commissioner of Police
  • E.G. Green former Parliamentary Ombudsman
  • Maj General Anthony Anderson  former Chief of Defence Staff at the Jamaica Defence force (JDF) and Jamaica's First National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister. 30th Commisioner of Police
  • The Rev. Cannon Dr. Gervais Clarke OD
  • Colin Campbell Minister of Government
  • Derrick Kellier Minister of Government
  • Basil Buck former Minister of Government
  • Percival Broderick Jnr Minister of Government


  • Dennis Johnson former UTECH Sports Administrator (and former world record holder at 100 yards)
  • Arthur Wint , Olympic Gold Medalist runner and former world record holder
  • Chris Stokes and Dudley Stokes members of the Jamaican Bobsled Team that inspired the movie Cool Runnings
  • George Rhoden Olympic Gold Medalist runner
  • Herb McKenley Olympic Gold Medalist sprinter and former world record holder
  • Nehemiah Perry former Jamaican cricketer and West Indies Cricket Board selector
  • Maurice Smith decathlete, World Championship Silver Medalist
  • Maurice Wignall Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist
  • Dwight Thomas Olympic Gold Medalist
  • Warren Weir Olympic and World Championship Medalist
  • Andrew Riley Olympic Hurdler
  • Jason Morgan Olympic discus thrower
  • Josef Robertson Olympic Hurdler
  • Javon Francis Olympic Runner
  • Michael Clarke Track Coach
  • Julian L. Robinson, Field Events Coach

Winners of the Rhodes Scholarship

  • 1924 George E. Webster
  • 1939 Harvey Dacosta
  • 1969 Franklyn Prendergast
  • 1971 Rudolph Smellie
  • 1974 Micheal Abrahams


1912-1937 Rev. Earnest Price, B.A., B.D.
1937-1939 Dr. Gurnos King, B.A
1939-1940 Rev. Arthur Herbert, M.A., B.D
1940-1948 Rev. David Davis, B.A., B.D.
1949-1959 Mr. Walter Murray-White, B.Sc
1960-1962 Mr. Sydney Thompson, M.A., B.Sc
1963-1972 Rev. Walter Foster, M.A., Dip.Ed.
1972-1980 Mr. Arthur J. Edgar, M.Sc., Dip. Ed.
1980-1985 Mr. Roy Atkinson, B.A.
1986-1995 Mr. Joseph A. Earle, J.P., B.Sc.
1996-2003 Mr. Lloyd A. Bryan, B.A., Dip Ed.
2002-2003 Mr. Hugh Douse (Acting)
2003-2012 Maj. Lincoln Thaxter , B.A., Dip. Ed, M.Ed
2012-2023 Mr. Albert Corcho, B.Ed., Dip. Business Admin., M.A. Business Admin., Dip. Edu. Admin.