Calabar High School

"The Utmost for the Highest"

Principal's Message

Congratulations and Welcome to Calabar

This is the start of a wonderful new phase of your life. The privilege of being a Calabar Boy is one that is longed after by many but only those who are called to the bar can attend. You are among the privileged few. I want you to treasure this opportunity that you have worked so hard to achieve. For the next seven years of your lives you will be the green and black standard bearers of academics, sportsmanship and decorum. You are the face of Calabar! You are Calabar! From this moment forward, I want you to embrace these facts and aspire after greatness like many before you have done.

You will be required to work hard, give of your best in all that you do, respect and love your school and reverence the Creator.  As an institution owned and operated by the Jamaica Baptist Union, your religious appetite will be nourished without apology.

Our teachers rank among the finest in the land and I want you to learn from them, challenge them academically and excel in ways that will make them proud.

This is your new home away from home. I want you to become baptized with the school’s spirit that will enable you to stand tall as a Calabar Lion. Enjoy your new school, work hard and I challenge you that in seven years, Calabar High School will graduate the finest young men in your chosen fields. When you graduate, remember to leave this school better than you found it!

We are heartened by Calabar’s improved showing in the 2018 CSEC school rankings which saw us moving up to 39th place from 45th place last year.  We are aware that while this is certainly a move in the right direction, much more needs to be done to improve our overall performance in the CSEC exams.  However, we are confident that our percentages will continue to trend upwards as the measures implemented under our Strategic Plan continue to bear fruit.

            Some of the initiatives implemented over the past year include:

  • Increased use of students’ and teachers’ performance data to identify gaps and/or weaknesses at the end of each term
  • Formalizing teacher reporting: emphasizing consistency and demanding quality in teaching and learning           
  • More targeted interventions for poor performing students

We acknowledge the efforts of our Board, academic staff, PTA and the Calabar Old Boys’ Association in supporting the various initiatives.

We are confident that with continued unblinking focus and effort, Calabar will continue to ‘raise the bar’ as we soar to our accustomed pride of place among the most sought after institutions for the education of young men in this country.

Each morning when you awake, thank God for life, thank him for your school Calabar High and for the fact that you are among the finest young men in the hemisphere.  I am proud to be your principal and I stand ready to guide you starting today.

            The Utmost for the Highest!


Yours sincerely,

Albert A. Corcho