Calabar High School

"The Utmost for the Highest"

School Symbols

Rev. David Davis is said to have been responsible for the selection of most of the symbols of the school.

THE MOTTO: The Utmost for the Highest – was one of the first Jamaican school mottos to be expressed in English instead of Latin. It means that each boy must make maximum effort to achieve goals which he can conceive. "The Highest" also suggests that we aim at doing whatever we do to the Glory of God.

THE CORE VALUES: Reverence for God, Discipline, Professionalism, Accountablity, Integrity, Respect and  School Pride

HONOUR ROLL CAPTION: Palmam Qui Meruit Ferat (The one who is worthy carries the laurel)

THE COLOURS: Green and black-may be taken to represent growth, and difficulties to be overcome, respectively.



THE SCHOOL CREST: A shield bordered by black and yellow enclosing a green field. In the center of this area is a girdle in black bearing the words of the motto in yellow letters and enclosing a tree of knowledge, the two lower branches of which divide the center circle in three parts. In the upper third are the spreading branches of the tree, while in the left and right lower thirds respectively, a lion signifying strength, and an open Bible signifying truth and Godliness.