Calabar High School

"The Utmost for the Highest"

Student Services

Student Governance

Student governance at Calabar High is through the prefect system and the Students’ Council. The cadre of prefects is led by the head boy and his deputies who are selected by the staff on the recommendation of the outgoing prefect body. They are expected to assist in the maintenance of the discipline of the school; conduct themselves in in ways that are worthy of emulation and develop in students an attitude of patriotism and loyalty to the school. The head boy is not a member of the Board of Management.

The Head Prefect and His Deputies 2022-2023

Head Boy – Matthew Aiken

Deputy – Daniel Fraser

Deputy - Ashanny Powell

Students' Council

The Students' Council comprises elected student leaders. The Council represents the wishes of the students and makes them known to the Principal and staff. It oversees the various student activities, helps to maintain school spirit and morale, and strives constantly to improve the school and the quality of school life. The President is a member of the Board of Management

2022 - 2023 President – Josh-Michael Rose

At the classroom level, the leaders include a Form Captain, an Assistant Form Captain, an Environmental Monitor, Academic Monitor, a Sports coordinator and Sub Prefects.

All Student Leaders are selected via a democratic process.


Elink to the Students' Handbook revised in 2021



The Guidance Counsellor assists boys at appropriate times to adjust to school, to perform to their maximum potential, and to plan their educational programme intelligently and realistically.

He/she helps students and parents to resolve educational, vocational, and personal problems. He/she arranges career talks, work experience, and assist students in making entries to tertiary institutions. The counselor also teaches Personal Development and serves on the Student Welfare Committee which seeks to assist needy students. Boys may discuss their personal problems with him/her and be assured that these will be treated confidentially.


The Chaplain is proposed by the Jamaica Baptist Union and appointed by the Board of Management, The Chaplain's duties are:

  • Conducting worship and other religious activities.
  • Working in conjunction with the Guidance Counselors in the area of personal counseling and student welfare.
  • Provide spiritual guidance to staff and students.

The Students are encouraged to become part of a cadre of students who are Chapel Assistants. These students assist the Chaplain with duties as prescribed by him. They usually include preparing the Chapel for the various services and events and assisting with hosting guests.


The bookroom is opened daily and exercise books, rulers, pens, pencils and other types of stationery as well as the school’s crest and epaulettes are sold there.

Opening Hours are:

7:00 7:30a.m.

8:15 8:30a.m.

During both Lunch times 10:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.

Text books are available at the bookroom. A book deposit is required, a voucher for which must be presented before books can be issued. The school also operates a Book Rental Scheme and students and parents are required to replace damaged or lost books. Students are notified when their grades will be issued books, usually at the beginning of the school year, and when they should return same, usually at the end of the school year.


The library is situated on the top floor of the three-storey building. It is open throughout the day and a limited supply of books is available on loan. Encyclopedias and other reference books are stocked and current magazines and newspapers are usually available for reading in the library.

All students of Grade 7 are introduced to the library and learn the basic principles of researching and how to use the library.

The Library also offers copying services.

Library Hours are:

8:15 3:30 p.m.


Calabar's canteen is operated by concessionaire Juici Patties who provides cooked meals and snacks at the appointed intervals during the school day. In addition, the canteen assures students of hygienic conditions for preparing affordable meals. Normally students are expected to support the canteen, especially since students are not allowed to leave the campus during the course of the day.

The Mission Statement of Juici Patties is "Juici Patties is committed to providing excellent service by serving authentic Jamaican food at affordable prices in clean and comfortable surroundings."

Opening Hours are:

6:30 3:30 p.m.


The Sick Bay is operated by the School Nurse. She takes the lead in dealing with routine health matters within the context of the school. In addition to illnesses and accidents manifesting on the school campus, the nurse is also expected to provide preventative information and care for students and staff. The nurse also advises the principal on preventative and reactive health measures in the interest of the school community. For information on student insurance coverage, please consult the Bursar’s Office.